Satellite Navigation – the exhibition

11 May 2012 - 11:00

Preston, Lancashire

If you were continually in transit, what would you take with you? Would it be your beloved antique violin or the sleeping bags, an expensive video camera or a rucksack of food, your jewellery box or the first aid kit? asks artist Susan Walsh

This exhibition started with the journey of a cart through Preston City Centre to Oxheys Mill Studios, as it was pulled by local artists in torrential rain and howling winds, giving a small insight into what life must be like for those continually in transit. The cart is showcased in the exhibition, along with the thought provoking lists provided by visitors, a film and photographs documenting the journey.

The exhibition is open Fridays and Saturdays 11-4pm (other times by appointment please) until 16th June 2012.

5 responses to “Satellite Navigation – the exhibition”

  1. Lord David Owen Dudley

    I will defiantly be attending the inaugural meeting for LAN members; however I have one small problem! You have requested one image for display at the event, I am unable to choose between several images I have, each depicting a Lancashire scene. Will you allow more than one image?


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  3. Steve

    Im a northern artist and Im setting up a simalar place in Padiham and love the sound of your studios. Would it be possible to come over and see your setup and discuss your experiances, it would greatly help me establish a starting point if you don’t mind.


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