Denise Swanson

Photographer, printmaker and co-founder of Oxheys, Denise pursues a series of investigative, research-led projects inspired by a passion for and understanding of the natural world and our place within it. Her work has won several awards, been published and exhibited widely and sells as fine art prints. She has an MA Fine Art from UCLan and a Fellowship in Fine Art Photography from the BIPP. In 2013 she completed a 1 year AA2A residency at UCLan investigating experimental printmaking techniques See 

Denise runs workshops and provides consultancy and professional artwork and arts event photography services for a growing number of artists of all disciplines, including work for Art UK. See


Evelyn Rose

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday Life” Pablo Picasso

Evelyn’s practice is inspired by engagement at the social interface and is expressed in print, installation and artist books. Evelyn is constantly striving to capture that ephemeral moment when the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Recycled and found materials have interest in their own right, becoming fascinating in the context of their history. Never more so than in the relationship with personal memory and identity of those influenced by them. In 2013 Evelyn completed an MA in Fine Art at UCLan and has recently completed a residency in Malta, working on a community project involving memories.


Robin Fanner

Robin became a resident during 2015 having worked with us at Oxheys for almost 2 years previously, running Life Drawing sessions in the upstairs meeting room, with a regular group of artists. An RAM registered life model, Robin is known for his long poses which allow artists to slow down and take a more considered approach to life drawing. Robin is also qualified as a yoga instructor  for which he is takes bookings for individuals, couples and small groups.

More recently, Robin embarked on a BA in Fine Art at UClan to pursue an interest in drawing for which he achieved ‘student of the year’ for 2017.


Gordon Ashworth

Gordon studied fine art at Sunderland Polytechnic, obtaining a first class (Hons) degree. Although specialising mainly in photography he always continued to paint and draw and later took a ‘photography: critical practice’ course at Falmouth College of Art, achieving a postgraduate diploma. Painting is the main medium he chooses to work in at the present time.

His work takes the form of a kind of mapping, building on shapes, symbols and animal totems, and draws upon the unconscious and dreams, attempting to connect the spirit world with the physical.

Gordon’s recent drawing and painting is based around colour, pattern and repetition. He has also begun to incorporate words and their meanings into his work in the form of symbols and totems, creating a map of the human psyche.


Caroline Finnigan

Caroline is a teacher and crafter who is interested in learning styles and in understanding how some people learn from books, others from being given instruction and some just by getting hands-on. She wants to help make crochet and knitting accessible for everyone and does so through kits, group classes, talks and workshops and private, personalised lessons.

Also working with community and non-profit organisations, Caroline runs regular workshops. See


Tim Saunders

Tim, otherwise know as TimsPerpectiveArt, has been a supporter of Oxheys over several years so we are delighted he has joined us as a member. Tim’s work is a study of perspectives and often includes aspects not immediately obvious. Produced as original artworks in ink on paper as as limited edition prints, in 2017 Tim joined us for Making A Mark on the Flag Market and constructed a large-scale artwork using perspectives and highlighting the plight of the homeless.


Bernie Velvick

Having studied at UCLan, Bernie runs ArtFull and is experienced as an artist using drawing but also in crafts and often refers to herself as a ‘Folk Artist’. She also delivers workshops and is experienced in running a variety of community arts participatory events. We are delighted to welcome Bernie as a member artist having enjoyed her support at Oxheys over many years.


Lubaina Himid

We are proud to include Lubaina as a supporter of Oxheys since the idea was first proposed, barely missing an event throughout the period at the old mill and often supporting or sponsoring activities. We are delighted to welcome her as an Honorary Member in 2018


Julie Saul

Long-standing Oxheys member Julie studied an MA in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking at UCLan. Her work combines screen printing with paintings, usually on large canvas.




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