Work in the individual occupied studios has continued alongside work in the building itself. As the drills, hammers, paint, wood, saws and screwdrivers get replaced by furniture, art-making tools and equipment and art works, they are transforming into working studios. Artists are now able to start working in them instead of on them. The ground floor studio will open tomorrow, 1st July and the others will follow.

There really has been quite a transformation and we want to be able to open the building as soon as we can. Once a few more odd jobs have been completed, the joiner finishes and the electrician finally comes to add more power sockets and we’ve cleaned up again, we will be able to do so – watch this space!

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  1. Steve

    Im a northern artist and Im setting up a simalar place in Padiham and love the sound of your studios. Would it be possible to come over and see your setup and discuss your experiances, it would greatly help me establish a starting point if you don’t mind.


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