2 responses to “RIP Albert Richardson”

  1. Michele Carradice

    I had the most amazing great fortune if meeting Albert, he was a great guy, when he first came to live with us a Summerhill I took an instant liking to him, he always talked about going to central school and walking past the old hospital, well seen as our care home is now the old hospital I decicided to take Albert for a QUICK reminisce, we ended up going much further than the school and up in town, where Albert told me/showed me things I never knew about Kendal even though I’ve lived here all my life, I had my last day with my Albert as I always called him on the 28th of August, then I was on holiday after that, then to get the text I so didn’t want to broke my heart, Albert you were one awesome human being and thank you for letting me know you I miss you so so much, sending much love to everyone of you that had the good fortune if meeting him, PNE xxx

    1. Denise

      Thank you for your message and so pleased you had the chance to meet Albert – he was indeed a lovely man. There certainly was no doing anything *quickly* with Albert though – bless him, he loved telling stories of places and times gone by and people he knew but he was so engaging you enjoyed spending time with him. We miss Albert very much but intend to ensure that his memory lives on.