10 responses to “Summer open exhibition & art market”

  1. norma

    Oh,oh, put me down,happy to be part of this,should be able to lend a hand too,message me

  2. Debbie Finch

    I would like to submit my work both for open summer exhibition and the makert

  3. kelly

    Hi just wondering how i can get an application yo apply for this event as an artist.
    Thank you

  4. Stewart

    Hello All at Oxheys
    A couple of quick questions about your Summer Open.
    2D work ready to hang but no mirror plates – are D rings acceptable?
    Entry fee of £10 – is this for each piece of work submitted or each overall entry?
    Many thanks

  5. Debbie Finch

    Hi Denise, please can I drop my submission off after 5pm Thursday? As I am going away on Friday